Lose 10 Pounds


The Fastest Way To Lose 10 Pounds, Keep It Off, & Fit Into A New Pair Of Jeans

Cut sugar, rehydrate and do high-intensity exercise anytime you make a mistake; plus, find time for 5 minutes of exercise 3x per day.

The rules are simple, and you can be there before you know it. Eliminate sugar from your diet, entirely, and cut out the possibility of putting on fat; you’re addressing the hormonal imbalances your body has brought on since you developed insulin sensitivity, and you’re re-stabilizing your body without all of the inflammation that processed sugars create in our bodies.

Eliminating sugar, while rehydrating, stimulates an increase in cellular metabolism while simultaneously eliminating energy crashes, excess-sugar fat deposits that happen when you consume more sugar than your body can process, and abnormalities in blood pressure and heart rate response that take place with dehydration. In turn, your body realizes its ready for change, and it responds.

There is a lot of controversy about whether or not you should do cardio, interval training, build muscle before you lose fat, or do high repetition-based exercise. The fact of the matter is that all approaches help people with weight loss, but let’s compare and contrast these four methods for a greater understanding and increased likelihood of success:

Cardio For Weight Loss High Intensity Interval
Training (HIIT)
Building Muscle
For Weight Loss
High Repetition/
Intensity-Based Exercise
For Weight Loss
Burns Calories During Workout Yes Yes Yes Yes
Burns Calories After Workout Is Over No Yes Yes Yes
Helps Body Burn More Calories Over Time No Yes, with plateau effect Yes, no plateau Yes, with effect plateau effect
Uses “Carb-Based Calories” To Burn Fat Yes, tons. Yes, tons. Barely Yes, tons.
Uses “Protein-Based Calories” To Burn Fat No, barely. No, barely. Yes, tons. Some
Uses “Fat-Based Calories” To Burn Fat Yes, if greater than 40 minutes. Yes, but only in afterburn effect. Yes Yes, but not quite as much as muscle building
Leads To Higher Exercise Tolerance For Increased Workout Capability Over Time Slowly Rapidly Moderately Quickly
Functional Carryover To Weight Loss Through ADL’s None Depends on whether or not this is done outside or on a machine Often, but not always. Often, but not always.
Increases Risk of Injury With Workout Yes, but usually not during cardio. Yes, when over VO2 max or 20 minutes. Yes, especially without a spotter Low, but possible

Now that we’ve listed out the various benefits of each form of weight loss exercise, let’s discuss the importance of each row above in your weight loss efforts:

Weight Loss Factor: Importance For Weight Loss:
Burns Calories During Workout Calories In vs Calories Out still determines your overall ability to lose weight, but this doesn’t take into account the necessity to discuss ‘nutrient density’ in your caloric intake.*
Burns Calories After A Workout This is the result of an ‘afterburn effect’ (EPOC) that takes place when your body craves oxygen after a workout, and it forces repair of injured muscle tissue used to train. Muscle naturally gets injured in a small way when you do high intensity exercise or you lift weights; repairing this muscle, and ridding it of lactic acid, is what leads to burning calories for days after a workout.
Helps Body Burn More Calories Over Time Building muscle leads to an increased metabolism by increasing your muscle:fat ratio. Your muscle:fat ratio ultimately determines your metabolism, as increasing muscle mass forces your body to work harder to feed itself, ultimately burning more calories throughout each day.
Uses “Carb-Based Calories” To Burn Fat Generally speaking, people overeat carbs, so it’s great to have a solution that burns through your sugars and carbs when you need to. However, the better advice would be to do the minimum amount of exercise needed to burn excess carbs, and then work on utilizing your other macronutrient categories for caloric burn and weight loss.
Uses “Protein-Based Calories” To Burn Fat Biasing protein-based calories for weight loss means that you are building muscle, which ultimately affects your muscle:fat (muscle to fat) ratio.
Uses “Fat-Based Calories” To Burn Fat Oddly enough, these aren’t the most important calories to burn during a workout, as this will often mean that you are losing the main benefit of your workout. Fat-burning calories get affected with low-load, high-duration exercise, or after a workout that involves the ‘afterburn effect;’ this is when your body is continuing to burn calories, but at a lower heart rate and with less work.
Leads To Increased Exercise Tolerance For Increased Workout Capability Over Time Increasing exercise tolerance, or VO2 max, is one of the most important factors for someone who is just starting out or who hasn’t reached his/her fitness potential. If your body has the ability to tolerate more work (i.e. more reps, more weight, longer workouts, etc.), your body has the ability to get more results from every workout.
Functional Carryover To Weight Loss Through Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) When you choose exercises that “remind” your body of your workout during your day, your body naturally engages your muscles a bit more, remembers postural setting, and believes it needs to grow to survive. From a practical example, when we were hunters and gatherers, running more meant that we needed to be able to run further to find food; similarly, lifting heavy rocks meant that we needed to build a home, so we needed more strength. Our bodies are smart, so they respond.
Increases Risk Of Injury With Workout Avoiding injury is paramount in your exercise success. Not only is injury avoidance important for faster results, but it’s also important to help with your motivation levels. Finally, an injured muscle/joint remembers the injury for longer than the expected time period, and it causes muscle imbalances to take place. Without specifically reversing these muscle imbalances, your results will naturally plateau over time, or even reverse in some situations.

*NOTE on ‘Nutrient Density': All calories were not created equally. At the end of the day, calories in vs calories out will let you know if you are in a caloric deficit, which leads to weight loss. However, protein-based calories are known to consume 20% of themselves, so these calories don’t count for as much. Also, all excess calories derived from any macronutrient group that go unused ultimately turn to sugar and get deposited as fat. Therefore, if you ate 2000 calories of only carbs, your body would store much more fat than if you ate a blend of carbs, proteins, and fats.

Awesome! So now you know that cardio can be an effective way to burn calories in the moment, and it helps you get rid of carbs, but it might not be the best way to burn calories long-term. Also, it is not the most efficient way to lose weight, although it does work.

Next, you understand that interval-training is an effective way to burn calories both now, and after you go to the gym; but alone, it will lead to plateau. The reason for this is because your body needs to build muscle to sustain an increased metabolism. There are two ways to increase your metabolism:

  1. Lower your bodyfat
  2. Increase your muscle mass

Interval training does a great job of lowering bodyfat, as you rid your body of all of its excess sugars, bias protein and fat-burning for days to come, and increase your exercise tolerance. However, it will not lead to increasing your muscle mass, whatsoever. So, interval-training, alone, is not the answer.

Building muscle is great for #2, above, but often times these workouts force you to increase your caloric intake in order to grow the muscle. Also, long rest breaks are important for muscle building, so you need to factor in the decrease heart rate response to exercise that would take place in interval training.

To come full circle, let’s discuss high repetition/intensity-based exercise as a plan to lose 10 pounds as fast as possible. In this case, we’ll eventually plateau if we don’t build muscle, but we will accomplish both #1 and #2, albeit more of #1 than #2. Your body will have the same response as interval training, in terms of bodyfat response, because you can actually train with intervals while lifting lighter weights. Naturally, since you are lifting weight, you will build a bit of muscle as well.

When it comes to losing 10 pounds as fast as possible and sustaining those results, high intensity-based exercise is the way to go. Your body needs to crave an increased exercise tolerance, consume its own carbs on a daily basis, and bias protein-breakdown for increasing your muscle mass over time. Ultimately, you should periodize this type of program to alternate with muscle building every 4-6 weeks for best effect, but this is the fastest path to weight loss.

Here is a sample ‘High-Intensity Based Weight Loss Workout’ I created using Create My Workout that I’d like you to do:

Instructions for workout: Intensity is everything. If you don’t go ‘easy’ enough during your resting intervals, it’s impossible to utilize all three energy systems of your body and get the effect from this exercise program. By forcing your body to rest properly, you are allowing it to push harder on the ‘work’ part of every set.

Choose a weight that allows you to hit ‘Momentary Muscular Failure’ (MMF) with every exercise. In other words, you should always aim to hit complete fatigue on an exercise by the end of the time-interval associated with that exercise. Please note that breaking form is never acceptable, so choose your weight accordingly.

Warm up

Exercise Set #1
1 50 seconds on, rest 10 sec
2 50 seconds on, rest 10 sec
3 50 seconds on, rest 10 sec
4 50 seconds on, rest 10 sec
5 50 seconds on, rest 10 sec

Exercise Set #1 Set #2
1 26 seconds 26 seconds
2 26 seconds 26 seconds
3 26 seconds 26 seconds
4 26 seconds 26 seconds
5 26 seconds 26 seconds
6 26 seconds 26 seconds
7 26 seconds 26 seconds
8 26 seconds 26 seconds
9 26 seconds 26 seconds
10 26 seconds 26 seconds
11 26 seconds 26 seconds
12 26 seconds 26 seconds
13 26 seconds 26 seconds
14 26 seconds 26 seconds
15 26 seconds 26 seconds
Please complete the following circuit 1x. Rest for 2 minutes after you are done.

Cool down

Exercise Set #1
1 50 seconds on, rest 10 sec
2 50 seconds on, rest 10 sec
3 50 seconds on, rest 10 sec
4 50 seconds on, rest 10 sec
5 50 seconds on, rest 10 sec

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  • Vanessa

    Fantastic workout! I did this, this morning and loved it; it would be great to have alternatives due to lack of equipment (ie. I have a home gym, but do not have a way to do inverted lat rows.
    Will this assist with losing those last pesky 10 lbs? (My body fat is actually lower than average for my age).

  • http://www.club-diabetic.com/ Wendy

    What is best way to reverse muscle imbalances please? I have twisted pelvis and forward head and shoulder posture. Thanks!

  • Christina Sullivan

    What a jewel to receive the videos with these exercises. Excellent!

  • Anna D

    This is extremely helpful to have all this information. You break it down so nicely which makes it easy to understand. I love how you include bits and pieces of the science behind it all. Thank you for taking the time to do this and sharing your wealth of knowledge in this field.

  • Bill Briskin

    Dr. K. I wanted to comment to all of your readers to give them hope because when I first began your program I didn’t believe in a million years that I could ever lose 20+ pounds of belly fat and 6 inches off my waist in just 30 days from just 10-15 minutes of exercise a day. No way!! But, this program has proven me wrong and I believe now that this program is the absolute best on the market. I am 59 years old, I have bad knees and a herniated disk at L5 and I am thrilled to tell you that because of your program, I am in incredible shape right now. I’m ripped and even getting a six-pack. That’s unbelievable for someone my age. The first 2 weeks I worked out 10 minutes a day and now I do 15 minutes a day, 6 days a week. Everyone should be able to do that!! I’m using your Workout Builder and just changed from Beginner to Intermediate level. But, I am also on a semi Paleo type of diet and I am very disciplined on eating correctly, although I sometimes eat too much. That’s probably the hardest part for most people-sticking to the proper diet but I am living proof that this program works. One other important note: Some people might laugh at 10 minutes of exercise a day. Make no mistake, the exercises are the most intense I’ve ever done. In the first week I was dying but as you do them more and more and build up your endurance they get easier and when they get to the point where they are no longer a challenge, it’s time to change exercises to fool your body memory by changing it up again. I have friends that spend hours in the gym and thought my 10-15 minutes a day of exercise was wimpy but they are all believers now after witnessing my huge transformation. My initial reasons for wanting to lose 20 pounds was to eliminate the back and knee pain I was feeling from carrying so much weight around on my small frame. Every time I stood in one place for more than 5 minutes or walked on a hard floor in Costco or Home Depot, I would feel excruciating pain in my back and knees. Now, 20 pounds lighter I am no longer feeling that pain!! Thanks, Dr. K. Your products are amazing!!!

  • Bill Briskin

    5 or 6

  • Gaye Misurec

    How many times per week should this workout be done? Thank you.

  • irfan khalid meer

    sir,my weight is 81.5 kg after one month work out at a local jimm,at start i was at 85kg can u guide me exercises plane

  • Sydney

    Thank you so much!! This is great!!

  • MT hayes

    Wow – so helpful – appreciate your approach, easy to understand and implement. Thanks

  • Jeanie

    Such an informative post. Best one ever!

  • Steven Martin

    Absolutely brilliant post thank you.

  • Jackie

    This is great! I can’t seem to get “organized” in my workouts to make them a true routine. This info inspires me and will get me motivated to regular and consistent workouts. However, Sugar is my demon! I KNOW it’s so bad, yet in my workplace (retail) we don’t always get a regular time for lunch, but there are ALWAYS big bowls of “fun size” candy bars in the back office and we bake Otis Spunkmeyer Chocolate Chip Cookies in the store every Saturday and Sunday! Augh! Any suggestions, short of a muzzle?… must…not…eat….candy…must…not….eat….cookies…

  • Michelle

    Thank you for the clear cut approach and a way to overcome the moment of weakness. No matter how clean my major meal choices are, I seem to cave in at dessert time. I’m perpetually in the “last five to eight” pounds range and I can totally achieve the balance if I can just make better decisions when the sweet tooth kicks in.

  • Margo

    Dr. Kareem, should I keep going to the gym to do exercises with weights for my osteoporosis. I am concerned also with my low thyroid. Do you have any advice for both of these. I don’t know how much I should push myself and what exercises would be most beneficial for me.

  • djmoore

    So we are to do all of these exercises at once? Even for 26 seconds these are many many different exercises. The whole circuit one times takes how long?

  • Joe and Karen from Philly

    Dr. K my wife and I have been doing the double edged weight loss training with you for 33 weeks. We are also using the Biotrust protein product that was recommended. My wife lost an inch and a half around her hips (that doesn’t seem like a lot but she was in really good shape to begin with) and most of the cellulite on the back of her thighs. She is thrilled. I lost 3 inches around my waist and am on my way to getting a 6 pack before Christmass! We do all the workouts at home and quit the gym as it is more convenient and a lot less expensive. Prior to your training program I was doing massive cardio and weight training 6 days a week with fair results. I look better now than I did when I was in my 30’s! I have recommend your programs to many folks. I wish we could meet you to thank you in person for this terrific exercise program. I wish we would have seen your program 15 years ago. Thanks.

  • Karla

    Dr K,
    Is there anything I can do instead of squats & lunges? I have bad knees (since 8th grade) and was recently told if I keep doing them I’ll be going into surgery.
    Thanks for your help,

    • http://DrKareem.com Dr. Kareem

      Hi Karla!

      Lower-body exercises done on an elliptical machine or in pool can help. Of course, it’s always a good idea to consult your physician or local therapist to be safe. Wishing you the best! -k

  • mike

    Hi dr K.,
    The cool down exercises listed above, are very, very good in themselfs, but way too far from anything that can be called cool down, rather the contrary!

  • Farnah

    Hi Dr K,
    Im new to the program and has been trying out the Abs strength guide and the 5 day fat loss program for a few days now and Im really glad that it’s working! After every workout, i can see the changes in my body especially the upper part of the body. But it seems that the lower half of the body is really slow in progression. For instant, my upper thigh is more toned than my inner thighs. Im not sure if Im doing something wrong. Help!
    Oh and as for the ‘Create My Workout’ sheet, would it be okay if I do only 2-3 warm up exercise because just with these, it speeds up my heart rate really fast or do I have to do all 5?


  • FiveYrsYng

    Ouch!  10 months ago, I had shoulder surgery (right side).  I’m presently limited to NOT lifting anything greater than 25 pounds.  I have found that certain repetitious reaching or stretching of my right arm creates a burning sensation and I quickly stop that action and use the other arm as best I can.  ( I have even found that excessive use of my computer’s mouse with my right hand results in a similar challenge and I have switched to a left handed mouse.)

    Reviewing the exercises, I am quite intimidated by any exercise that requires me to lift any great weight with my right arm.  Push-ups and similar exercises seem to be quite out of the question at the present time, and based on my doctor’s comments, maybe permanently.

    Are there variations of the push-up related exercised that I might do to gain some of the benefits?  Not having full use of my shoulder is truly frustrating.

    My main focus is the 20 pounds around my middle.  Are there exercised I can do to burn that mass off?


  • http://www.facebook.com/risto.roosipuu.1 Risto Roosipuu

    What would be the optimal time for losing the last 10 pounds.I am trying to get the last 10 in the next 7,5 weeks with good nutrition and exercising 5-6 times a week+walking every day(but the last one is more or less just for increased activity.

    I have already lost about 40 kg which should be around 100 pounds if i am not mistaken.

  • Kalawson

    Dr. K.
    Again, thank you, for sharing your knowledge.  This is another excellent article and I especially like the workout examples.

  • Toninatoli

    Dr. K,
    I’ve repeatedly attempted to do these type of “no rest” workouts. Even with the help of a trainer, I get hurt time after time and feel lousy doing them. I am a long time weight lifter (118#/24% BF) so I know my endurance isn’t great. I’ve never liked cardio or better to say O2 deficits. Really, they feel AWFUL. Dr. K, can you offer some strategies/explanation on this for an old weight lifter whose joints can’t take the heavy weights anymore either? 

    • http://DrKareem.com Dr. Kareem

      Thanks for writing in – sure, I’d be happy to help.

      First, I have some questions/comments. 

      1) How heavy are the weights that you’re lifting?  For example, if you were to do one set, how many clean reps could you get?

      2) How many reps are you currently doing?  And how many time are you repeating sets?

      3) How are you warming up, and for how long?

      4) Do you have old injuries that are the most likely to recur?  If so, what are they?

      5) When you say you’re getting injured while doing this type of workout, what kind of injury?

      6) Do you monitor your heart rate?  It sounds like you’re going past your fatigue point, and just not knowing to rest…  always rest when you hit your lactate threshold.  The program changes if you hit this, because you’re no longer getting the desired benefit, and you should slow down for the following workout.  For this workout, you’re done if you hit complete exhaustion.  (even if only 5 minutes in)

      7) Are you monitoring your form closely?  It’s likely that it’s probably failing on you before you get hurt, and form can be the predecessor to injury – in fact, 99% of the time, it is.


  • Juiceball

    Are all your videos in one place?  For instance, I have a subscription to DEFL but some of the videos you put on this site I can’t acess via the DEFL video page.  Are the videos different for FTFL than for DEFL?

    • http://DrKareem.com Dr. Kareem

      hey Juiceball,

      (funny name!)

      Nope – I have tons of videos associated with each and every program out there… videos that are used in DEFL are on DEFL.  Videos that are used in FTFL are on FTFL, but then I stack the exercise video databases with plenty of crossover for variety… just not 100%.

      Endless variety, mixing up your programs from time to time, and adjusting your nutrition habits accordingly – it’s the best way to never plateau.

  • Sharris

    Good Information!

  • Chucklepley53

    I think this is what I been looking 4

  • Ronaldhschulz

    Thank You.  This is a refreshingly crisp, to the point, read.   The concise comparisons are very effective in placing your message front and center,  The video is very helpful.

  • http://www.facebook.com/risto.roosipuu.1 Risto Roosipuu

    When you say “cut all sugar” Do you mean 100% as in everything or more like 90%.Basically,something small once a week.

    • http://DrKareem.com Dr. Kareem

      hey Risto,

      100% of sugar, not 90%, but 100%.

      No cheating this time 😉


  • Lgrugama

    This article made lots more sense when it talked about cardio and its benifits. Love the video exercises as well. THanks!

  • Falcon

    How many times a week and for how many weeks would someone do this routine?

  • Anonymous

    Great information and demos! As a PE teacher, I found several exercises in this workout that I think my elementary students will be able to do to add variety to our warm-ups.  I will have new electronic capabilities in my gym next year.  Do I have your permission to use some of these video clips in my classes?

    • http://DrKareem.com Dr. Kareem

      absolutely!  this is about everyone having the best health possible!  glad we can help so many kids together :-)


  • Dd3jen

    This is great – can’t wait to give it a try.  Can I just check with you – do you do all the exrercises in Set one back to back (i.e. no rest between exercises) and then have a 2 min rest and move on and complete set 2 in the same way?  Just checking so I make maximum use of this amazing workout.  Can’t wait to get rid of the last 10 lbs!

    • http://DrKareem.com Dr. Kareem

      I can’t wait to hear of your success!

      Please check out my response to ‘Rockingchair’ – hopefully this will clarify :-)

  • Heathergriffin11

    Love all of this! Keep it coming!

  • Jg

    This is a great tool and the information has een helpful to understand how your body reacts or should react to workouts. Even my tainer I had did not explain these things. Thanks for the great informtion

    • http://DrKareem.com Dr. Kareem

      You’re welcome, Jg :-)

  • Adams111

    Printed out and ready to give this a try.

  • Adams111

    Printed out and ready to give this a try.

  • Billyd

    Bit confused by the set 1, set 2, business.    Does this basically mean you work through the entire list of exercises and then go straight back to the beginning of the list and work through it again? So effectively 30  exercises in a row?

    • http://DrKareem.com Dr. Kareem

      hey Billyd,

      Thanks for the heads up about the point of confusion – I’ll make the post more clear, but please see my response to ‘RockingChair’, as I’ve already answered this question.

      It’s all the way through set 1, then rest, then set 2.

      have a great day!


  • jen

    Is it ok to do this workout for 3 weeks with 1 or 2 rest days per week? 

    • http://DrKareem.com Dr. Kareem

      Absolutely, Jen. 

      With that said, I’d prefer that you find a 2nd workout (either through Create My Workout or by building one on your own) that works on slightly different points of emphasis with different muscle groups and alternate them.

      As for 1-2 days of rest per week – sure, you can definitely do that, but if you’re just starting out, 4 days is plenty.  You’ll get 90% of the result you’re looking for in the beginning if you do this workout 4 days/week.  

    • http://DrKareem.com Dr. Kareem

      Absolutely, Jen. 

      With that said, I’d prefer that you find a 2nd workout (either through Create My Workout or by building one on your own) that works on slightly different points of emphasis with different muscle groups and alternate them.

      As for 1-2 days of rest per week – sure, you can definitely do that, but if you’re just starting out, 4 days is plenty.  You’ll get 90% of the result you’re looking for in the beginning if you do this workout 4 days/week.  

  • Danielle

    Dr Kareem,
    I am overwhelmed with all the wonderful info!  I am in alot of pain and know I need to move to counter it but just dont know where to start.  Please be patient with all of us that need you so badly but unsure what or where to begin!!! I have had the program for almost a month and just now feel like I can even watch and try to figure out where or what to do.  I am afraid I have been out of any kind of exercise program for so long that most of the time I dont know what you’re talking about!!! So, I am studying the videos and reading everybit of material you post.  I just feel so out of place and alittle afraid of the pain that I know I will experience! But I already have pain, so not sure that is an excuse!
    You are asking for comments and I know so little that I cant really comment yet.  But, I am slowly wrapping my head around getting my body to move and encouraging myself that I probably can do this….Thank you for the info.  Please keep pouring it over us-it just takes a while for people like me to have it sink in.  We are so behind!!!!
    Hopefully you will hear a good report instead of complaints-well, maybe a few complaints, but dont pay attention to those!!!!

    • http://DrKareem.com Dr. Kareem

      hey Danielle,

      I’m so glad you introduced yourself.  It’s a pleasure to meet you :-)

      I’m sorry to hear about the pain – but I DO have some advice for you, in terms of general guidelines to follow.  Since there is an acute pain that is bothering you, none of this advice can be considered medical advice, and you should consult with your doctor and/or physical therapist for more customized recommendations.

      With that said, here’s the general way to think about pain + movement:

      If exercise increases pain, meaning your pain level rises through the movement, then don’t let the pain climb more than 3 out of 10 on a scale where:

      0 = no pain whatsoever
      10 = worst pain imaginable

      So, for example, let’s say that you have 5 out of 10 pain at all times right now in your shoulder.  Now, you go to do a plank and your pain goes up to a 6 out of 10, but it doesn’t climb any higher. 

      In this circumstance, while supervising my patients, I instruct them to continue.  We always ice after exercise in all painful areas using the “wet paper towel technique”.  This way, we cut off inflammation in the joint, but we continue to progress and strengthen, therapeutically.

      Otherwise, it’s a slippery slope – it’s important you set guidelines for pain response.  It’s also important that you monitor your pain level in the next 24 – 48 hours in the beginning, as certain types of pain take longer to show up. 

      So, if you haven’t really been exercising for a long time, and you have a lot of pain, it’s wise in the beginning to exercise only once in 3 days, so you can properly monitor your body’s reaction during and after exercise.

      Then, when it comes time to get moving, it’ll make more sense to start with a lower-intensity program, like:  http://AntiGravitySolution.com – by working on your posture first, you are re-aligning your muscles and creating an opportunity for safe strengthening in your body.

      Trust me, this is a way better way to go.

      Also, be sure to check out Mission Unbreakable, as this program helps release tight tissues that come around after years of inactivity and pain.  Some pain receptors get buried in tight tissues and they stay there until you place pressure on them and release them slowly.  Mission Unbreakable will help you do this. 

      Wishing you the absolute best,



  • Trev

    Thanks for the info but 15 exercises in a row seems a bit much. Especially as you will have to line up the next bit of equipment at the gym, which may have someone using it. Would be great if we all had our own gyms. You would have to have a fantastic memory also, or write the exercises down on a piece of paper so you dont forget them. And why 26 seconds? What a strange amount of time!

    • http://DrKareem.com Dr. Kareem

      hey Trev,

      You’re welcome!

      You should just print this out… then you’ll have the exercises written for you.

      As for equipment – here’s what I see you needing (just create a pile in a corner of the gym and give it all back 15 minutes later — worst case scenario, do 5 exercises at a time and then set up the next 5 for 90-95% of the benefit, but don’t let this stop you):

      1) Decline bench (or just do inversion abs on the floor or choose another abs exercise that’s really intense, like hanging leg raises)

      2) Exercise ball (65cm for most men, 55cm for most women – depends on height)

      3) 4 Dumbbells (2 for arms, 2 for back)

      It just takes a minute or two to plan this out and choose the weights you want.  Plus, most people in the gym become grateful over time that you’re not taking over their space.  I did these types of workouts for at least 2 years in public gyms before I ever had a gym of my own. 

      These days, I like to do a lot of my workouts at home, actually, and I sub in a kettlebell for a lot of the dumbbell stuff.  It just gives me the peace of mind I’m looking for to transition my day… in my comfort zone.

      But, I’m sure I’ll go back to each of the different workout environments in time – just keeps things fresh!  (beach, park, home, hotel, public gym, private gym, corporate gym)

      Compared to medications and doctors, I think adding enough variety, by changing things up every 6-12 months, is actually a great investment. 

      hope this helps!


      PS – 26 seconds – a typical rep at this intensity works out like this: 

      1 second concentric
      0.5 seconds isometric
      2 seconds eccentric

      This is just to keep it clean and get through this many seconds.  So, that’s 2.5 seconds per rep x 10 reps = 25 seconds

      + a second or two lost in transition between reps and the beginning of the exercise = 26 seconds

      On this workout, CreateMyWorkout.com aims to have you do about 10 reps in 26 seconds, according to workout instructions and the time allowed.

  • Devilliers

    How long rest after each 26 seconds exercise and do you do set 1 and 2 of each exercise before going to exercise 2. De Villiers

    • http://DrKareem.com Dr. Kareem

      no rest in between exercises – please see comment below :-)

  • Devilliers

    How long rest after each 26 seconds exercise and do you do set 1 and 2 of each exercise before going to exercise 2. De Villiers

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Briana-Jones/1808241129 Briana Jones

    How many days a week are we supposed to be doing this workout? Should I pair it with any type of cardio at all?

    • http://DrKareem.com Dr. Kareem

      Hey Briana,

      Personally, I love to mix things up.  That’s why I created Create My Workout – helps you do this, automatically, and without a major expense every time you want new workouts.  Might be worth it for you, if it makes sense for you right now…

      You’ll want to design a Workout B to go with this (other muscle groups emphasized, different sequence of different exercises, etc.) that you can alternate with.

      Ideally, you should be doing 4 of these workouts per week.  If this were Workout A, for example, your schedule might look like this: 

      Monday – Workout A
      Tuesday – Workout B
      Wednesday – Rest
      Thursday – Workout A
      Friday – Workout B
      Saturday – Rest
      Sunday – Rest + active lifestyle activity

      *NOTE:  For clarification about Minimum Effective Dose (MED) and exercise:  there are ways to do just one of these workouts per week, or even half on 2 days of the week, and see amazing results.  If you’re interested in that blog post, as well, make sure to leave a comment and request it.

      (Hint:  You’ll have to drastically modify your nutrition to do this)

      hope this helps!

  • Jmoore

    I am very excited to try this, I am frustrated with the last bit of fat around my mid section.  Very hard to get rid of.  Having trouble printing…. it comes out on 3 pages with only page 2 having partial information on it.  Help!!!

  • Michelle

    Another great post. Thank you, I’ve been doing the posture exercises, and hope to get to the point where my injured shoulder and back can handle more. I’m a living testimonial of the importance of muscle balancing.  

    • http://DrKareem.com Dr. Kareem

      hey Michelle,

      Congratulations on balancing out!  That’s awesome!

      It’s a world of difference, huh?

      Keep up the awesome work and thanks for stopping by to say hello :-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rosa-Maria-Barboza/100000488114035 Rosa Maria Barboza

    This article is very clarifying and I’m a living proof that your exercise programs really work. Following your exercise programs together with the Diet Solution program, has helped me to lose over 30 lbs already. Besides, I used to suffer from high blood pressure and now it is normal, my doctor suspended my use of bloode pressure regulatory pills. I’m feeling great in all senses. Thanks a lot for your instructions, your webinars and excellent advices always. Dr. Kareem, you rock!

    • http://DrKareem.com Dr. Kareem

      hey Rosa Maria,

      Wow!  I love hearing this from you, and I’m so proud of you for your accomplishments. 

      You’re more than welcome!  I’m humbled to be a part of such a meaningful and life-changing transformation.

      Congratulations on all sides – keep impressing your doctors.  It’s fun, isn’t it?

  • Claremcvs

    hi Kareem,
    Thanks for the great work. I’ve started jogging ever second day, up to my 14th jog today, and haven’t lost an ounce. I’m preparing for a 5 km race,soI’ll be continuing with the jogging. I am following cool runnings program for beginners. My question is could/should I do a workout on the opposite days? Or would that mess up my restdays from jogging?

    • http://DrKareem.com Dr. Kareem

      hey Clare,

      That all depends on your rate of recovery, in two senses:

      1) Heart Rate Recovery – When you finish your run, what is your heartrate?  Within 60 seconds from the end of your run, how many beats per minute is your heart rate now?

      If you’re not recovering more than 20-30 beats per minute, you really have to consider this type of high-intensity training.  Basically, you’re maxing out on capacity during your runs, and you need to build a bigger tank of gas for your body.  Your exercise potential needs to go up, so you’re going to have to start lifting weights at high-intensities and building your lactate threshold.  This is going to help you more than anything.

      2) Soreness – if you’re barely getting through your runs and your legs already feel like Jello, I don’t want you to get hurt.  It would make sense to either scale back your running by a day and add a workout (my preference) or wait until after your 5k race. 

      Finally, it’s worth noting that these relationships are known to be true:

       – Bent-leg Deadlifts work on Sprint speed
       – Power exercises work on exercise capacity and leg strength for running
       – Mobility exercises increase circulation (oxygen) to your muscles for faster recovery.

      So, it may not be as ‘exact’ of a relationship as I read above… training for a 5k doesn’t mean just running, in my book :-)

      hope this helps!

  • Delma

    Thats one of your best information sheets thanks

  • chris sivewright

    I also – sadly – have an ‘older’ body. There’s very little in terms of fitness websites that is tailored to ‘older’ people. There are holiday sites like 
    http://travel.saga.co.uk/holidays.aspx?pid=ppsg and http://www.holidays4over50s.net  but in general nothing for ‘us old folk’

    So…if Dr Kareem would open up a section aimed at such a niche (expanding niche!!!) I am sure he would corner the market!

  • chris sivewright

    I also – sadly – have an ‘older’ body. There’s very little in terms of fitness websites that is tailored to ‘older’ people. There are holiday sites like 
    http://travel.saga.co.uk/holidays.aspx?pid=ppsg and http://www.holidays4over50s.net  but in general nothing for ‘us old folk’

    So…if Dr Kareem would open up a section aimed at such a niche (expanding niche!!!) I am sure he would corner the market!

    • http://DrKareem.com Dr. Kareem

      hey Chris,

      Have you checked out this page yet?  (special discounted link, while I leave it up here):  http://fullthrottlefatloss.com/FullThrottleVIP/posture_solution_offer.html

      It’s meant to help people improve posture and just get moving… works really well.  I’d love to help you out, and there’s more to come :-)

      have a great day,


  • Kalawson

    Dr. Kareem,
    Thank you so much for the article, the excellent comparison, and the encouragement.  It is greatly appreciated.  I learn more and more what this older body can do and as a result I have now eliminated medications.

    • http://DrKareem.com Dr. Kareem

      I’m so proud of you, Kalawson!  Congratulations on getting off some meds – that’s a life-changing difference.

      And you’re very welcome – keep making me proud – I know I am right now,


  • Mdme123

    Definately going to give this a try. Also forwarding to friends and family. Keep up the hard work

    • http://DrKareem.com Dr. Kareem

      You rock!  Thanks for your referrals and please keep us posted :-)

  • rockingchair

    I am confused.  Is the list of exercises 1-15 a circuit?  Do you do 26 seconds of an exercise, rest then 26 seconds again for set 2?  Or do you complete the whole list, rest 2 minutes and do again?  

    • http://DrKareem.com Dr. Kareem

      Round #1 – 26 seconds of each exercise, back to back (all 15 exercises)
      Rest 2 minutes

      Round #2 – 26 seconds of each exercise (repeat of Round #1)

  • Lilianamoir

    Getting rid of sugars completely is the hardest thing to do for me. Have done it before, but dont last too long. 2-3 weeks has been the max. Exercises are great to open up my hips and get rid of lower back paiin, strenghth aand fat lost. What else can we ask for?? Thanks.

    • Drk

      Totally, that’s why it’s so important to have a ‘hormonal reset day’ at least once per week.  I like to do the protocol I have listed with the 5 Day Fat Loss Accelerator (grab it on your right-hand side of this post) for rapid fat loss. 

      You’ll see how I balance this out, when you’re looking for rapid and extreme fat loss – it’s much easier to handle when you see it written out and get how this works.  Again, you’re not completely eliminating sugar, as a whole, but when someone asks me about ‘sugar’ and ‘fat loss,’ the answer is obvious…

      Make sense?

    • http://DrKareem.com Dr. Kareem

      Totally, that’s why it’s so important to have a ‘hormonal reset day’ at least once per week.  I like to do the protocol I have listed with the 5 Day Fat Loss Accelerator (grab it on your right-hand side of this post) for rapid fat loss. 

      You’ll see how I balance this out, when you’re looking for rapid and extreme fat loss – it’s much easier to handle when you see it written out and get how this works.  Again, you’re not completely eliminating sugar, as a whole, but when someone asks me about ‘sugar’ and ‘fat loss,’ the answer is obvious…

      Make sense?

  • Riazgov

    Dr K,
    I am delighted by your article. but wud like to know a few things…
    firstly, is it ok to use stevia sweetener as an alternative to sugar? I only use it to sweeten my green tea anyway.
    how long shud this kind of regime last?
    what kind of diet shud I have during this time?
    can I have a small amount of manuka honey? I usually have one dessert spoonful every morning.
    can we include cheat days during this regime?
    you mention 5 mins of exercise 3 times a week? what shud we do for this exercise? as the workout you have given is 16.5 mins if you include the warm up and cool down periods. if this workout is separate, how often shud we be doing it?
    I think thats all my questions over! lol
    thank you dr k! and keep up the good work!!!

    • http://DrKareem.com Dr. Kareem

      You’re very welcome!

      Sure, Stevia is great to use, but I don’t care for it, personally.  Honey is sugar, so no it doesn’t belong in this protocol. 

      For the exercise 3x/day, you can either do this 15 minute workout 1x (or one like it by clicking on the CMW link above and grabbing them for less than $0.99 per workout), divide it in 3, or create your own.  I also really like the 5 day fat loss accelerator workout and ‘Fat Loss Rehab Videos’ you can see on the link above, on the main tabs of the blog.

      There are reasons for rapid and moderate fat loss protocols.  I don’t like ‘super hard pushes’ for any longer than 4-6 weeks.  Xtreme Fat Loss Diet (http://budurl.com/ExtremeFatLoss) is a great example of a 25 day rapid fat loss nutrition program that gets insane results. 

      However, that’s about as extreme as I think you can possibly go… which is why I say up to 4-6 weeks.

      As for length of time – go ahead, prove to yourself that you can lose those 10 pounds (won’t take as long as you think), then kick back and enjoy your new body for 4-6 weeks, using a maintenance program.  Ultimately, once you ‘stabilize’ your metabolism, you’ll be ready to take things further if you still feel it’s important.

      This is a critical factor in fat loss and weight loss.  Lose weight, balance your body out, and then do it again if appropriate.  It’s much better to treat weight loss as an endurance event with sprints in between.

      Hope this helps!

  • jorge

    Thanks DR.kareem not just for helping me loose weight but for helping me also improve my health. your exersice are always fun and creative you always come up with something new and very effective for muscle and weight loss. i will apreciate if keep sending these very helpful tips to help out all of us your fans THANKS AGAIN. you rock dr K

    • http://DrKareem.com Dr. Kareem

      You’re welcome, Jorge!  Thanks for your thoughtful feedback :-)

  • Chebert_us

    I saw an older woman on one of your videos and thought I could do this but just trying to learn these exercises is taking me over a week and I doubt I am doing them right.  Most of these comments seem to be from younger or at least experienced exercisers.  I think I am out of my league.

    • Lilianamoir

      Just keep trying. It will take longer for begginers, but dont give up. Just go slow to start making sure your tecnique is right. When. You have the technique you can go faster. Listen to your body and go step by step. Keep going, you can do it. I’m not as. Young either and have back problems. With Dr. Kareem’s program I have improved my health and lost some pounds along the way. If I can do it, so can you. :-)

      • http://DrKareem.com Dr. Kareem

        Rock on, Lilian!

        I’m proud of you, and this is great advice!

  • Suzannechimick

    This is a great layout for easily accessible information.  Thank-you 

  • Rwbell

    Great blog! Straight forward, to the point and understandable means of losing weight the most effective way..

  • Reeb

    Dr. K,
    Awesome workout.Thanks for the motivation to lose the first ten pounds.

    • http://DrKareem.com Dr. Kareem

      you’re welcome, Reeb!

  • Lababla

    I have diastasis recti (post-partum) and following Tupler technique to close the gap. What core/abs alternatives do you recommend in the “create my workout” (which I am member off btw). I don’t want to slow down my fatloss journey, but don’t want to make my situation worse. Medical staff is unaware/untrained over here, so selfeducation is best.

    • http://DrKareem.com Dr. Kareem

      Hey Labala,

      I’m pretty sure I wrote an email with similar recommendations the other day… generally speaking, stabilization exercises are more appropriate, but you should be getting an in-person evaluation.

      Found it!  Here you go:

      Actually, you should get your doc’s advice on this, as I’m not there
      to evaluate you in person.  With that said, very few of the ASG
      exercises work on your abs, directly… that’s the magic.  It’s all
      about whole body fat loss to get the result you’re looking for.  When
      you use your abs for stability, it generally doesn’t irritate a hernia. 
      When you do ‘abs specific’ exercises (cruches, sit ups, etc.), that’s
      the issue… you can easily sub out those exercises, provided you get
      your doc’s approval.

      *Note:  When I mention hernia, the recommendations would be similar here. 

  • Eaglesviewranch

    This was awesome. Now it’s a matter of plugging it in. My biggest problem is no access to a gym, but much of it is possible without a gym. And understanding the carbs and how they work, helps.
    I have to say tho, sugar is almost as bad as drugs, it’s addictive and evil.

    • http://DrKareem.com Dr. Kareem

      Yep, everything can certainly be done at home – no problem with that at all.  Household items make great substitutes for dumbbells, dyna discs, etc. 

      On the other hand, this is probably the cheapest home gym ever, if you just take the time to set everything up once…

      Sugar and drugs?  They’re the same – I couldn’t agree more. 

      Interestingly, the “addictive withdrawal” period for sugar when you come off it, completely, is pretty easy to deal with as compared to cigarettes and other stuff… in about 4-5 days, if you truly cut your sugars, you won’t even be thinking about it much at all… 

  • KTinFL

    I don’t have a gym, but I can do many of these at home!  Yay!  Thank you!

    After the warm up, each exercise is done 26 seconds, then again for 26 seconds. How long do I wait after the first 26 seconds before doing the second?  Is that the 2 minutes you wrote at the bottom, or is that 2 minutes between sets, or 2 minutes before the next exercise?

    • http://DrKareem.com Dr. Kareem

      2 minutes in between sets :-)

      no time in between exercises… make more sense?


  • Ellen Egan

    Excercise the right way was always confusing to me, now I feel like I can accomplish my excercise goals

    • http://DrKareem.com Dr. Kareem

      You bet you can, Ellen!

      I’m really glad this was able to clarify for you – feel free to drop back with any questions you have along the way… wishing you tons of success!

  • Stoobz

    Thanks Dr K That is without doubt the best summary of the benefits of each form of exercise. I have printed it out already to keep it for reference. Your approach of informing people rather than just making up progams is a major component in motivation. Having the knowledge base makes me continue as I know why I am doing an exercise and reduces the temptation to say this is not working and quit

    • http://DrKareem.com Dr. Kareem

      You’re more than welcome!

      I’m really glad that we’re making a difference together – agreed, education is everything for true empowerment.  Once you know you’re doing the right stuff, patience is easy, and results are even easier… so it just works out!

  • rehana

    best summary ever!  thank you!  i am printing and saving forever.  i will try the workout asap!

    • http://DrKareem.com Dr. Kareem

      You’re welcome!  I’m glad this helped!


  • Chris Oslmarketing

    “Cut sugar, rehydrate and do high-intensity exercise anytime you make a mistake; plus, find time for 5 minutes of exercise 3x per day.


    No fruit?

    • http://DrKareem.com Dr. Kareem

      hey Chris,

      That’s right – I’m not saying you cut out fruit, permanently.  I LOVE fruit… but fruit and fat loss don’t match.  Especially in the first and last 10 pounds…

      Sugar just doesn’t lead to fat loss… it’s not the right call.  Some fruit is better than others, since it has fiber, or some other benefit, but fruit and fat loss just don’t match.

      Veggies, on the other hand, are GREAT.  

      • Imran Javed

        Hi Dr. K! Love your emails. Helps keep fitness in the back of my mind all the time! Need clearification regarding sugar. I have lost just shy of 52 lbs. in the past year via Weight Watchers and Crossfit. trying to lose another ten and I’m stuck! I do CrossFit 3-4 times a week, which is great interval training. I drink plenty of fluids, but the sugar thing is the piece I’m missing.

        I have a large sweet tooth, and if it wasn’t for fruit and dark chocolate, I would probably go crazy. As I understand it, you mean no sugar, refined or natural, correct? How long would I have to cut out sugar for? How does one treat the addictive sugar cravings? Can it be rewired? Does this include berries, as well? Just trying to wrap my head around the disconnect between fruit and fat loss. Thanks!

  • GreenTara

    I’m so leery of the high intensity high rep protocols, Dr. K. I’m a free weight veteran and those 10 sec. rest periods just aren’t enough. I end up getting hurt. Any tips on how to keep form while going so fast?

    • http://DrKareem.com Dr. Kareem

      Great question!

      Definitely don’t push yourself too hard – it’s all about hitting Momentary Muscular Failure at 50 seconds, not before.  If you hit it early, rest longer until you reach the full minute. 

      If, for example, you hit failure within 20 seconds, then you’re working in the strength zone, and you should rest at least 1-2 minutes before the next exercise.

      However,  you’ll want to adjust your weight for the following time you do this… the goal was to do something that allows you enough reps to hit failure just in time.  If you’re sprinting, consider slowing the speed/tempo of every rep.  75% of max speed does a lot for type II muscle fibers… and sprinting is left for the times when you know exactly how much is the right intensity for your body.

      Does this help?

      • Kim77

        Thank you Dr K for the above response!! I was hitting fatigue on alot of the exercises at about 30 second mark, now it all makes sense. I just need to slow it down a little to get closer to the 50 seconds as possible.
        I also am a member of the CMW and I love it. The only issue I have is learning the exercises before my workout so I don’t have to stop and start to watch the how-to videos as they take time to load!! I have even printed out the workouts and made notes so I know what to do.
        I love this whole system and I am passing  your name on to anyone who is interested, even my Chiropractor is interested in what you do!! Thank you!

        • http://DrKareem.com Dr. Kareem

          You’re welcome, Kim! 

          I’m so glad to hear of your success, and I look forward to your updates – charge on!

          Thank you, also, for your referrals.  This means the world to me.

          As for learning the exercises, here’s what I recommend:

          1) Create 2 workouts at once, and save them both.  Go through any exercises you don’t know and take notes on how you understand the movement (i.e. Squat – you might say… bend down, feel butt muscles, stand up through heels)

          2) The day of the workout, review your notes and then just reference the print out. 

          This should hopefully help… while allowing you the variety that gets extreme AND long-term results.