Flat Stomach In 30 Days — From 23% to 7.5% Bodyfat


Body Balancing, Exercise Tolerance, & Eating for Fat Loss

Dr. Kareem F. Samhouri
Body Expert

7.5% Bodyfat — that’s your goal.

Now, focus — take a serious look at where you are, and determine how much you have to lose. Let’s say you’re 23% bodyfat today, and you’re ready to up your game, here’s what you’d do:

23% – 7.5% = 15.5% bodyfat to lose

I’ll give you 30 days, but you have to promise to ‘maintain’ for at least 16 weeks, without breaking habit — your results will be rapid — sustaining it is a whole different animal. This is only safe if you sustain your weight loss — otherwise, the health detriments of alternating weight gain and loss can outweigh the consequences of being overweight or obese. Again, you’re not in any danger so long as you make sure not to just hit the ‘off’ switch as soon as you hit your target. That’s when you just back down and start working out 2 days/week while keeping your nutrition on point.

Before we get started, if you’re a guy, shave your chest — it’s important. You have to see your progress every single day, twice — once in the morning and once at night — stand sideways and head on with the mirror, let your breath out and really evaluate your resting position. Does anything need work? Be sure to emphasize proper position tomorrow when you work out — the posture you lift in is the posture you stay in.

Body Balancing for a Flat Stomach in 30 Days — Inside-Out Theory

First, your insides — your gut and brain:

It’s time to cleanse. For the next 7 days, on top of any nutrition recommendations you see below (even when it conflicts), eat 1000% your daily fiber intake. I prefer to do this with baby carrots and just carry them around all day.

As for your brain, time to wash that out too. You’ve confused yourself and created tension over time. Take the entire next week to focus on calming yourself any time you feel any tension. I recommend you do this through Diaphragmatic Breathing, or belly breathing.

Diaphragmatic Breathing Exercise — Do this 15x any time you feel stress:

  • Take your dominant hand and place it underneath your breastbone, while laying in a slightly reclined position.
  • Take a large and slow ‘sniff’ breath, as you keep your shoulders relaxed and down. Feel your abdomen fill with air over 2 seconds as your belly lifts up.
  • Hold 1 second.
  • Purse your lips, as if you’re breathing through a thin coffee straw, and exhale slowly for 4 seconds.

Also, be sure to start getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night, until you start waking up automatically, towards the end of your 30 days — your energy level will skyrocket.

Now, for your “outside” — your body:

Progress Your Exercise Tolerance — “Time to get Ripped”

There is a lot that goes into the program design of a quality rapid fat loss program, but the basis of program design behind many of my programs, in its most summarized form, is as follows:

Triple M System for Rapid Fat Loss (TM) — Multi-Planar Movement, Muscle Balancing, & Movement Complexes

This text will be replaced

Exercise Sequencing — do your giant sets with these 5 exercises, in this sequence:

  1. Squat
  2. Push
  3. Lunge
  4. Pull
  5. Plank

Energy System Training — various systems that help you move:

  1. ATP-PC (0-2 seconds — the first 2 seconds of explosive energy)
  2. Anaerobic (2-60 seconds)
  3. Aerobic (60 seconds and beyond)

Workout Alternation — 4 Days/Week (Days 1, 4 – A; Days 2-5 – B; Days 3, 6, 7 – Rest)
Progressively More Difficult Versions of Every Exercise, on Every Workout

Now, let’s go from ridiculously fast fat loss to Ripped — make sure your body is ready for this — if you haven’t been working out consistently for at least 90 days, you’re not ready.

Day of Week: Workout #1: (7 – 7:45am) Workout #2: (4:30-5pm)
Monday Workout A 10 second Sprint, 50 seconds Burpees x 10
Tuesday Workout B
Wednesday Strength — Workout A & B giant sets, no interval training, 6 reps for exercises 1 and 3, 15 reps for exercises 2 and 4 — planks stay the same. Rest periods 3-4 minutes. 10 second Sprint, 50 seconds Burpees x 10
Thursday Workout A
Friday Workout B 10 second Sprint, 50 seconds Burpees x 10

On weekends, stay active, but don’t worry about working out.

Eating for Rapid Fat Loss and a Flat Stomach in 30 Days — The “717 Rule”

This simple rule for fat loss deliberately shrinks your mid-section as fast as possible, or at least in my experience. Here’s what you do:

  • Days 1-6 — up to 7 grams of sugar, 17 grams of carbs
  • Day 7 — Cheat Day — no trans fats, avoid gluten if sensitive or anything that will inflame your gut

So, it’s a 7 day plan, and you get to eat 7 grams of sugar, and 17 grams of carbs per day for most of the week. Each week resets itself with the Cheat Day, to keep your hormones more balanced. It’s important you eat foods high in fat and carbs on these days, provided you won’t have any allergic or dietary reaction to doing so.

Summary of Recommendations:

  1. Balance your gut and brain.
  2. Do Ripped program by following instructions on blog.
  3. Follow 717 Rule for the next 30 days.

Don’t overcomplicate this — just get started.

Oh, and you’ll need some workouts:

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  • JPB

    I am confused. Sounds like I can have carrot carbs if they are leveraged against carrot fiber. I don’t understand how to count the carbs. Any examples of 1 day of eating on this?

  • Christina

    What would be 1000% DV of Fiber? Any recommendations on how to achieve this?

  • Ryan

    Is this really possible? The plan is really well made but I am 23% body fat at this moment, would I really drop down to 7.5%? If this is exaggerated a bit, you can tell me. I want to do the plan anyway, but has anyone achieved these results in 30 days?

  • Gloria

    Thanks Dr Kareem. I’m excited in using your program. Please clarify: 1. Is it 1000% fiber to be consumed in the entire 7 days or is it 1000% per day? 2. Does it matter what fiber rich foods are used to meet the fiber requirement?

  • http://DrKareem.com Dr. Kareem

    @ Marie & Sophia

    1000% Daily Value of Fiber intake is the ‘exception’ to carb intake. Fiber-based carbs are being used to clean out your gut and remove toxins, at the sacrifice of additional sugar/carb intake. The end result is better nutrient absorption, which is why we do this.

    And, no — you won’t turn yellow :-)

    As for liver function — I’ve never read, heard, or seen any difficulty with increasing fiber intake by this amount for a short period of time. Your liver functions as your filtration system, so by lacking the ability to properly absorb nutrients, you are forcing your liver to work harder. I would think the opposite — but I haven’t read any research to support for/against liver function with this protocol — and I’d expect liver function to improve.

  • Marie

    Not sure how one is supposed to eat 1000% of fiber – 250 g – while limiting carbs to 17g. Fibres are carb, right?

  • Sophia Halilova

    I just did some math… in order to consume 1000% of daily recommended fiber in form of carrots, one has to eat about 1000g of them which leads to consumption of 3000% of daily norm of vitamin A – aren’t you going to turn yellow by the end of the week?? Is it good for your liver??

  • whatdabuzz

    I don’t know what you mean by workout A and workout B. I only see a list of 5 exercises listed.

  • Mandy

    I like the concept Dr K and have used your exercise program for some time but I do find the 717 rule a challenge as I’m a vegetarian and get the majority of my protein from seeds, pulses and beans and their carb content are higher but low on sugar. What would you recommend?

    • Gerard- Dr. K’s Assistant

      Hi Mandy! On behalf of Dr, K, thanks for writing in! The most important thing in a vegetarian type of diet lack are amino acids, which are the building blocks for muscle growth. It’s really tough to limit your carbs to this level because almost everything is carb loaded. Beans and seeds are good and so are nuts, broccoli spinach and kale. ; )

  • Mike

    Is it 1000% fiber daily fiber intake in 7 days or 1000% fiber intake per day for 7 days?

  • Franz

    I am a little confused about the 7-17 days too, can you give a sample of what you could eat for one of these days?

  • Tim Othy

    What can you eat if 17 grams carbs are only allowed? Everything has carbs, unless you’re referring to a Ketosis type diet? Like only meat and carbs from veggies?

  • tiff

    one of your blogs read to eat 50-100 baby carrots for 7 days straight. i thought carrots had sugar in them? is that a lot?

    • Tim Othy

      I have a little experience concerning this. Natural sugars shouldn’t affect your fat loss. Processed and added sugars do correct me if I’m wrong.

      • Angelhealaer

        the sugars infruits and veggies have a different molecular spin than processed sugars and don’t cause any problems!

  • O

    I used similar programs, and after follwoing it I feel so overtrained, completely exausted, and always hungry. Usually end up putting all weight back on, and sometimes even more

    • http://DrKareem.com Dr. Kareem

      Overtraining depends on a lot…. can you please elaborate so I can help you find a better and longer-lasting solution? Also, which programs, when you say similar?

  • sally

    I participated in some of these programs and consequently ended up with plantar faciitis in both feet. It has been a long and painful summer. I emailed Dr. Kareem and the attitude was ‘oh well – see your doctor’. Be careful doing these uninstructed programs.