From Now On, You Don’t Have To Worry About “Getting Old”
Too Fast, Whether Or Not You’ll Be Able To Play With Your
Grandchildren, or Getting Out Of Breath Walking Up The
Stairs. When You Wake Up, Wake Up Pain Free and Lean.

We’re talking about you and I training, side by side. When you have a question, it gets answered. When you need me, I’m here for you. I’m going to be your fat loss doc, and I’m going to help you overcome any obstacle you experience on your fat loss and pain-free journey.

The goal is simple: You’re not alone anymore.

Over the last 12 years, I’ve learned a ton about training, motivation, and rehabilitation. It’s always been my goal to turn that knowledge around and offer it to you as quickly as possible; only recently did I discover an amazing method to share my knowledge directly with you.

We’re talking about video and audio based personal coaching.

Your questions do have answers. Sometimes, other have been down this path before, and I may have an eloquent answer prepared for you that will make everything crystal clear. Other times, you’ll stump me and I’ll come up with something new and create it just for you. Either way, what’s happening is that I’m evaluating you and the potential strengths and weaknesses you posses in hitting your fat loss goals.

Then, I’m answering with my best advice. I’m answering your questions. I’m listening to you, and I’m tweaking things to best fit your needs.

If your knee hurts, do this. If you’re having trouble with this movement, here are a few specific tips to help you learn them more easily. If you’re unstable or unbalanced with an exercise, here are the substitutes you can do safely, and without losing any benefit from the exercise. If stress is the reason for your blunted fat loss results, we’re going to get to the bottom of it. No matter what, there’s a reason, and we’re going to find out… just before we overcome it.

I’m very proud to say that 100% of my personal training clients have hit their goals in the last 6 years. I had one drop out after 1 month of working together due to family reasons, but she was ahead of pace when she did. There’s a reason for this, and it’s my sheer level of dedication to your results and happiness.

I care about you, and I want you to hit your goals.
You mean a lot to me.

Recently, I hosted a private 4 day workshop ($7,500/attendee) called: 4 Days With Dr. K – the goal was to get people out of pain and on a direct path to hit their fitness goals, all within 4 days. It was amazing!

…and I’m so honored to have had this impact on my clients’ lives. Just take a look at what Susan and Alana had to say:

Let’s have a great time getting you lean!

Instead of having to worry about whether or not this time is “going to work” or whether or not you’ll “ever get there,” let’s just put an end to this. Here’s a better idea:

Let’s make this awesome – fitness and health are fun – I’ll show you.

When I’m out of shape, I dread my workouts. I don’t like the feeling of being defeated, and this can work to either motivate or de-motivate me, depending upon the moment. However, when I’m super lean and healthy, I feel incredible, and you will too. Everything becomes fun, and life becomes way more enjoyable.

I know you realize this, deep inside. You tell yourself this all the time, but that hasn’t served as enough motivation to get out the pain its causing you to be fat. Plus, its easy to rationalize looking or feeling the way you do when you take a look at your surroundings and see so many other people that are overweight and unhappy.

That’s bullsh**. Sorry. You should feel as great as you can – don’t compare yourself to a society that is 68% overweight, 40% depressed at some point, and 50% on medication to control their risk of heart disease. It’s not going to end well if you do…

In The Next 3 Months, You Are Required To Hit Your Fat Loss Goals.

Forget guarantees, that’s not what this is about. You are required to hit your goals. You’re promising me, and I’m going to hold you to it. I’m not offering a refund here, because that allows you to quit (family emergencies and illness excluded from this policy). Otherwise, no quitting. You have to hit your goals.

This isn’t about collecting a fee and then you going on your way. This is about the end of your fat loss journey. Tomorrow, I want you to wake up with the confidence that you know this chapter of your life is over. You’re not going to have to think about your weight any longer.

Please understand that what you’re about to commit to is both challenging and real. I don’t offer coaching very often, because I only do so when I can be fully committed to you. There’s no backing down once you’re on the inside.

At the end of the day, I don’t want to force anything upon you. You arrived to this page for a reason. You’re still reading for a reason. You’re interested, but hesitant financially. I get it.

The reality is that this is a substantial investment. I don’t sell my time for cheap, and I’m going to get way more expensive soon. The biggest reason for this is that I simply don’t have enough time these days with my family, but I want to see you through your goals.

When I created Full Throttle Fat Loss, I created it with the realization that I was going to have to put more effort into some of you to help you achieve what you need to, in order to be happy and succeed. I’m making that commitment for you; are you ready for me?

I’m prepared to offer you personalized video and audio based coaching for the next 3 months. This will include:

Movement Screening Evaluation
($280 value)

Up to 2 Video/Audio Responses Per Month
($560 value x 3 months = $1680)

All questions answered
(invaluable to fat loss)

3 Months VIP Platinum Membership To FTFL
($201 value)

Movement Screening Evaluation ($280 value)

Up to 2 Video/Audio Responses Per Month ($560 value x 3 months = $1680)

All questions answered (invaluable to fat loss)

3 Months VIP Platinum Membership To FTFL ($201 value)

In total, this is a very clear $2281 value, real-cost. No inflated numbers, nothing. This is just the time it takes for me to offer you this service at my normal hourly rate. I never offer discounts in person… in fact, I think it defeats the medical model to do so.

However, I’m sensitive to the fact that this is cost-prohibitive for many people that find me online. So, here’s what I’m going to do for you taking action quickly:

First 20 sign ups: just $697

21 – 60: only $997

61 – 99: a one-time payment of $1497

100 – 200: $2281, full price.

After that, price may go up further, or I may close down the program entirely. Over 10,000 people have signed up for Full Throttle Fat Loss so far, over 86,000 people are subscribed to my list, and only 200 people will be guaranteed coaching. That’s a lot of videos and audios, so I’m keeping my commitment low.

Essentially, I’m donating time to you right now, at a sacrifice of time with my family. I promised my wife I was coming back, but that I’d see you through this process. I’m here for you. Let’s make a decision and move forward. You’ve trusted me this far. Don’t make a financially irresponsible decision, but if you have the ability to prioritize your health right now, it’s time:

The next 3 months are about you hitting your goals and carving out a healthy lifestyle you’ll keep with you forever. This is a small sacrifice for a massive reward.

I’m always on your side, no matter what your decision.

Wishing you the absolute best,