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  • deb

    Dr. K , do you believe any detox programs. For example the one called the master cleanse?

  • Idontunderstand

    First, I’m 6’5″ 350 lbs. and came across the abs strength guide and watched the 44 min video and was pumped because I’m in need of some healthy help. I was disappointed after purchasing the guide to find out that it was only a trial offer and there will be more charges monthly. I don’t recall at any time in the video or in any form that there would be any additional charges. I just plain ole can’t afford it. I feel like I was lured into something that I was pumped about and now I don’t feel so pumped. I don’t understand what the monthly charge is for. I have been on the website and that is it. The site doesn’t take me anywhere else. I’m sure the information is valuable but it’s the tactic of not telling the whole truth that I have a problem with. I’m sure the company makes a great deal of money but no one and I mean no client wants to find out after they just spent $ 47 to get an exciting new program that it is just a trial! Not any verbiage was mentioned about a trail because I would have never have purchased the program. Dr. K wants to help people, try being honest.

  • G_north

    Forgot to mention I am from Brisbane

  • G_north

    impossible to buy product because PAYPAL does NOT works fro this website and can not contact support because my cookies are activated on firefox and ET7 both come with a error cookies

  • Kelly

    I have started the program but i need the best solution to cravings. I want to get off sugar. I love certain sweets but find it hard to stop the cravings.

  • Snallie

    Over the last couple of years I have been able to loose 30+ pounds and am now down 3 dress sizes and feeling great. I am thinner than I was in high school … and that was over 43 years ago. Thank you for your good, free advice I have received in e-mails from you and here on your blog.

  • zsubar53

    Hi I’m having lots of pain in bottom part of legs some time I get cramps I can’t straight the leg ,

  • teepee

    hi i am a little confused over the program and what exactly to do. I did the one minute exercises to be done daily and I did the workout with the two ladies. What else do i do for the day?

  • Farnah89

    I’ve recently signed up with Dr K program & Im reading all the article & looking at the online videos. However, Im not sure where to begin. Such that after signing up for the Abstrength guide, will I be mailed a dvd for those exercises? Or do I just refer to online videos? Im confused!

  • Moncher56

    I am just getting started with Dr.K and I know this will help, but I’m reading and reading and don’t know where to start! I am really a beginner in working out, so am having difficulty deciding where to start and am afraid of not doing the exercises properly. Does anyone have advice for me to get started???

  • the same happens to me, visualizing my laptop, then going quickly  to my small bedroom to  work it out .  A very heavy work

  • Angelika

    I have been following Dr. K’s emails & links for a while. I am ready to get started now. I was going to order the DEFL
    DVD’s & than i realized I do not have a DVD player. Than i thought i would start by downloading the videos of the
    5 day Fat Loss Accelleration program onto my Iphone and start with that…can’t seem to fiugre out how to do this.
    I don’t want to unplug everything from my laptop every day to take it into the other room to work out and plug
    everything back room to work out in my office where the laptop is …Any suggestions what the best way
    is to have the videos with you to look at to remember how the workouts are done ? how is everyone doing this ?
    Thanks in advance, Angelika

    • MCD131

      doesnt the laptop have a dvd player in it?

  • So here I am at 68 years old, closing in on 69.  I am a workout demon….  While leaving you to wonder about the what happened… let me tell you that working to be fit and stat fit has not only changed my life…. it saved my life.   For me the most important factor for myself and anyone who comes to me for help is the idea of learning to, “think fit.”  In addition to regular daily exercise incorporating lots and lots of variety  I use every opportunity to exercise some part of me no matter where I am.  I.E., if I am on line at the supermarket I can quietly work my quads,  or stretch my hams a bit, flex glutes and abs… etc.   Teaching and coaching the physical stuff is the easy part.  Learning to think fit is key to long term results.

    From:  Laughing Dragon

  • Fjanvi

    I am on my third day of the 5 days program and I already lost 2 pds! I have lost already 38 pds in the last 2.5 years, and now I want to loose the last 15-20 pds for a total of 60 pds. I really need a booster because it gets harder and harder to loose weight the closer you get to your target weight! I really want to know what to do after the 5 days?????

  • Doreen

    Thank you for being here to encourage an uplift I am hoping to do the same and pay it forward when my results are visible.

  • Cathywliston

    I signed up on 9/8/2011 and I still cannot sign in to the program.  It keeps telling me that my information is not valid. I am very frustrated because I cannot contact support unless I can sign in!!!!!!!  HELP PLEASE ANYONE

    • Anonymous

      Hi Cathy

      This is Trishia one of Dr K’s CSRs, please contact for any program related questions. is the best way to contact us, an agent will reply to you within 1-3 business days from the day you have open your ticket for feedback, questions and problems relating to any of our programs. We have created a ticket for your query reference ticket ID HAT-335-87410. We appreciate your patience on the matter.

  • Rosarie

    Not great at this. Could you tell me where I could get the answers to some of the comments below

  • Ayvandiver

    I’m looking forward to making changes in my life. My goal is to lose 65 lbs. and to learn to control the pain from fybromyalgia naturally.

  • Mellyg713

    I’m brand new, starting on Monday, and I’m a bit fearful. I have been doing P-90 X Plus for the past 4 years…sort of. This past 12months I have been increasingly limited in what I am able to do because of a 4 inch titanium plate in my neck. I live in constant and severe pain and P 90 X is now out of the question.

    So that is my story. I work in the field of morbid obesity, so I am very familiar with the o- morbidities that accompany this terrible condition. I am here with both feet, and ready to give this program 100%. I’ll take any advice anyone wishes to share.


  • In the next 16 weeks I intend to focus on me.  I am 54 years old and trying to lose weight. I am 5′ 3″ -175lbs, with severe cellulite(lumps and bumps that can be seen through clothes such as jeans).  I do walking intervals 5 times a week but, it doesn’t seem to be working.  I do have joint pain(knees and ankles).  I am expecting to learn what I can and need to do to eliminate this problem and lose the weight.  Please help me.

  • Damm

    I’m looking forward to the program, but I am overwhelmed with the amount of information and not too sure how to start off. I’m very much out of shape and am trying to start of slowly with the 10 minute a day workouts and I am soar all over which makes me excited. Flat belly here I come. =)

  • Jackson

    I appreciate your attention to detail to avoid injury.  I’m a bit overwhelmed right now with puting all the pieces together, but hoping that in time it will make more sense.  Thanks.

  • Kwerger

    Looking forward to the results!

  • Lori12039

    Congrats to Pam and all the other winners. I think we are all winners if we have found this program! Thanks Dr. Kareem!

  • Hi Dr K, now that I have completed the 5 day fat loss program, what do I do next? Also I am currently on Week 5 of your LiftHardPlayHard program, how should these two programs work together for my fat loss goals?