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DEFL and DEFL 2.0
Posted by Michael Yap on 13 September 2011 05:08 PM


What is the difference between DEFL which I purchased a few months ago and DEFL 2.0? When I log in to DEFL it says 2.0 at the top. Does this mean I have 2.0 already even though I have not purchased it?


DEFL 2.0 is just an enhanced version of DEFL 1 - same workouts, just more features to the site - as a DEFL 1 member, you already have access. Nothing to buy, except the Inner Circle upgrade if you want it... 
everyone gets access automatically once you're a member, you get everything for life (all upgrades) they also qualify for the Q & A Bonus Teleseminar + The Dr. K Experience + The 4 Part Teleseminar Series (bonuses)

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