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  • Paul

    Awesome work-out! Totally effective and fun.

  • Joann Robitaille

    i did not have a visual of the exercises

  • David Martel

    Dr. Here is a variation from my Personal Trainer business: Cutting Edge Fitness Systems, P.O. Box 19316, Johnston R.I. 02919. Dumbell Front Squats to Arnold Presses.  Try it it’s awesome!

  • Hala Ghazaly

    Ok how am I suppose to see the exercise on my I phone  have any idea?!
    Thanks Dr. And happy thanks giving to you all.

  • Mariko

    Thanks for the killer workout, I really enjoyed it!

  • Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

    You’re all very welcome 🙂

    Roger – please contact our support desk: – they’ll be happy to help you out!

    Yep, beginners can definitely do this.  Just always go at your own pace, and you’ll have a much better exercise experience.  Intensity is relative, so take your time with new movements, get it right, and then increase intensity when you know how your body will respond.  That’s always the faster path to success.

    As for weight suggestions… again, that’s relative.  I used a 45 pound kettlebell for everything when I did it, and that was a killer workout! 

    hope this helps!

    have a great day,


  • big thanks!)

  • Reedricksr

    Hello Dr K!! and Happy Thanksgiving!
    I enjoy all that you share and it helps me daily!! 


  • Bob G

    Dr K – Is there any way we could get a printed copy of this workout??

  • Hullo Dr Kareem, I have a problem when signing up for your service I came to a page that required me to enter “Membership Type” this stymied me as I had not seen any reference to this prior. Can you please help me?
    Roger Drew –

  • Elaine

    Looks like a great workout. Do you have suggested dumbell weights for the exercises using dumbells for female who has been exercising for quite a while and is reasonably fit.

  • Ariejaniceg

    Is anyone else having trouble seeing the Mountain Jumpers video clip? I can see all the others exercisers but in the Mountain Jumpers video clip  pauses and I get Dr K stuttering all the way through the clip! So I don’t know what a mountain jumper looks like!

    • Obmdi

      saw the video, there donkey kicks. check out youtube and there are many videos of donkey kicks

  • James Vellenga

    Thanks for what looks like a killer workout. At this point I can’t do most of it as I am recovering from a torn meniscus that flared up so all the jumping ones not to mention and lunges and perhaps the squats (haven’t tried them yet since the knees started to feel better) cause too many problems. Hopefully things will get better soon so I can try this, but if not it will have to wait until after I have the torn part removed.

  • Ferrari_17_

    Awesome all round workouts, cant wait to try them.  Thanks Dr. Kareem

  • Annette pariyo

    This is wonderful thanks, Happy thank’s giving day!

  • rd

    For the Dumbell Matrix are we alternating legs for these squats? 

  • Lorrie

    I found the Mountain jumpers just great a simple, but very and I mean very effective.

  • Anonymous

    Impressive. I particularly like the dumbbell matrix and the extra touch to the burpee with the foot-spread is brilliant. Thanks.


    The beauty of these exercises (and others you have kindly shared) is there is limited to no tools/equipment required except for yourself and your mental strength to push yourself to your full potential and more. Thank you.

  • Gladysgreen2

    Really great, and I like how you go through every movement really thoroughly. Thanks!

  • Lee Mcg

    Powerful stuff, but can a beginner do this?

  • Rowmast

    excellent workout t you very much

  • Rowmast

    excellent workout t you very much

  • Rowmast

    excellent workout t you very much