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16 Week Body REDESIGN <-- Step-by-Step formula

by Dr. Kareem F. Samhouri
16 Week Body REDESIGN - Step-by-Step formula

It's come to our attention that there is a very specific demographic of people who need coaching. People between the ages of 40-60 years old, suffering from small or large orthopedic issues, and ready to get back in shape but just not quite getting there. You're inspired, you're motivated, and you're ready.

But will you succeed this time? Will you really?

Honestly, it hasn't been your fault up to this point -- there is entirely too much information on the internet that is meant to convince you of a new trend, the fastest way to lose fat, or the coolest diet that's ever existed. The fact of the matter is that there are 2 factors that stand above all the rest, and no one is focused here:


By redesigning any exercise and diet program, specifically for your body, you are adjusting the most important component. You are 'tweaking' just the right components to create a massive difference. Like most things in life, exerting 90% effort is enough to get you about half way. Once we acknowledge the individual differences in your body, medical history, and personality, we shrink the margin for error and take you from 90 to 100%.

Customization of your entire fat loss and fitness journey is what ensures success.

Then, there's guidance. Inevitably, quitting comes from frustration, either due to a lack of results, boredom, or a heavy schedule. You'll have questions, because 'real life happens,' and you'll need someone who can help you adjust your workouts and diet based upon your real life.

Customization and guidance make all the difference -- have you ever gotten results and plateaued?


  • Your workout wasn't tailored to your specific need, or your body got used to the food you ate and adjusted without losing weight.
  • OR

  • Something changed, and the plan that was working so well no longer 'fit' into your lifestyle. You had to give in, because there were higher priorities that made you lose your motivation for better health -- you remain disappointed.
Customization and guidance

Both of these situations have easy and approachable solutions, but they require the 'right' kind of help and the right kind of guidance. Listen, I say this humbly, but I have a rather expansive network of health professionals whom I consider close friends, and nearly every single one of them had a 'moment of truth,' a point when they finally asked for help and advanced their health dramatically.

In the case of the health professional, this usually requires tens of thousands of dollars (if not much more) in degrees, classes, certifications, etc. until they finally find someone who can answer the most difficult questions about their bodies; you have it much simpler. I've seen the difference customization of programming and proper guidance make first hand, I've talked to all my friends about it and they feel the same way, and I've decided to do something about it.

I've made it much more possible for you to succeed this time around by bringing on our Master Trainers, who are personally certified and credentialed by me. They are outstanding, and now they can coach you, so they can discuss your form, have a conversation with you about your current workouts, goals, etc.

This way, you truly ARE getting the attention you need this time.

Earlier, I mentioned that this wasn't your fault... up until now. I mean this kindly, but you get it -- you know at this point what I'm saying makes sense. Here's the reality -- you have two scenarios to choose from:

Scenario #1:
You bail, for one reason or another. You seriously considered joining the coaching program, but you were either skeptical, or you couldn't place high enough importance on your health right now. It just wasn't possible for you to make the decision to join. 30 days from now, you feel stuck, and a bit down about the whole situation. You wonder if this really would have made the difference, and it hurts a little bit, but you go back to your same exact reality. Unfortunately for you, nothing works.
Scenario #2:
You apply, give coaching a shot if you're accepted because you trust that we will only accept you if we can help. 30 days from now, you're sort of confused by all the progress you've made and you consider quitting 3 months early... only to laugh at yourself for thinking such a thing after years of 'not quite' getting there and being closer than ever in just 30 days. You're stoked, and the money no longer matters. Once you figure this part out, it feels good to finally have rewarded yourself after so many years of taking care of others first.

We spend money when we need to and we invest in 'necessary expenses,' like our cars, a roof over our heads, and gasoline. Strangely, we forget that our best investment is ourselves -- when we prime ourselves for top performance, everything else goes up.

Today, our Master Trainers and I are in a bit of a tough position -- we know you've got what it takes and we have a feeling that you're more ready than ever. But, we are limited in the total number of coaching clients we can take, and based upon the hundreds of thousands of readers, things are moving quickly in the direction of closing down. (every time we open the doors, this seems to be the case.)

No pressure intended, because we'd love you to join us. You'll be getting the attention of the best trainers I've ever trained, along with me, while you enjoy our best workouts of all time:

A bit more about how we plan to run this, and why I'd advise you to make a decision, asap. I'd be amiss not to mention this... We have completely redesigned everything. This is the simplest and easiest to follow exercise, nutrition, and supplementation program we could possibly put together. It's a step-by-step, fully customizable plan to ensure your success. And, we've "trimmed the fat," so to speak from standard in-person training.

By spending all of our time designing the 'optimal' program ahead of time, we can focus solely on you, as our client the rest of the time we coach you. That's why we're going to meet and lay out an entire 16 week program for you upfront. We'll have every step of the way planned, from the start, and then we'll adapt as we learn more about you and watch you perform. When you impress us, we'll adjust and hook you up; when something is too hard, we'll find the right level for you.

Customization and guidance

Your body is going to recognize this constant shift in demand and automatically lean itself out. It's the natural response to a constantly changing environment: adaptation.

Body adaption is our promise, and we'll stand by it.

With over 270,000 readers, over 84,000 clients to date, and thousands of blog visits each day, a bunch of applications have already been submitted, and we know this will sell out and there will be a wait list. We want you in, if this is right for you.

When I first started the Master Physical Therapy & Master Trainer certification, I had a vision, and that was to unite the fields of Physical Therapy and Personal Training -- to create a world where we communicate with one another, and we unite to help you. Since then, I've stepped into the training industry to lead this cause first-hand and have shown you countless ways of improving your health and getting faster results, all from both the perspective of a Physical Therapist and Kinesiologist. Today, I multiply those efforts by joining forces with Master Trainers I've personally certified, who continue to innovate and out-perform my original program design.

To an absolutely unreasonable amount of success with your fat loss and fitness goals -- persevere.

Meet Dr. Kareem Samhouri:

As it turns out, you can ‘heal’ your body through movement, and there is no one more poised to teach you how to ‘use’ movement to improve your health than Dr. Kareem Samhouri. At age 31, Dr. Kareem has gained world-wide popularity as the ‘go-to’ Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer for billionaires, professional athletes, world famous health authors, and their families.

Dr. Kareem has proven that he can replicate his skill-set, creating both practitioner and patient independence, and that his methods work both with and without a Physical Therapist present. Founding the world’s first fully integrated ‘Master-Level’ certification course, Dr. Kareem has been able to raise the bar for two of the most important fields in healthcare: Physical Therapy and Personal Training.

Dr. Kareem has rehabilitated and trained Olympic and professional athletes, baby boomers with joint pain who want to lose weight, older adults with balance issues, people in comas, others who have had a stroke, spinal cord injury, rare disease, heart issues, or lung disease, pregnant women, children, and even babies. He’s worked with the highest and lowest levels of health, and he’s been able to achieve shockingly beneficial outcomes in all categories. He taught his oldest patient, who was 112 years old, how to dance again, and helped his youngest, who was in the NICU and only 4 days old, adapt to this world 18 weeks too soon.

Dr. Kareem has been interviewed by news stations, featured as Philadelphia’s Fitness Expert on NBC, and been asked to audition for various television shows like The Biggest Loser. He’s also regularly requested as a guest expert by almost every leading expert in the online health and nutrition spaces. Recently, he was contacted by The Huffington Post to become one of their bloggers. Excluding television appearances, Dr. Kareem has personally reached a combined audience to-date of more than 12,000,000 readers.

Dr. Kareem has the following list of unusual and ultra-qualified credentials:

University of Miami
Doctor of Physical Therapy, University of Miami (#3 program, worldwide)
Penn State University
B.S. Kinesiology, Pennsylvania State University (#1 undergrad program in US)
National Strength & Conditioning Association
Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), National Strength & Conditioning Association
American College of Sports Medicine
Certified Health & Fitness Specialist (HFS), American College of Sports Medicine
  • Fluency in Spanish language
  • National-level Water Polo player, USA
  • Olympic/Pro Athlete Physical Therapist (Specialist)
  • Creator of discipline “Neuro Fitness,” now widely referred to in fitness industry (current # of ‘google results’ for this term is: 6,170,000 results)
  • Creator of best-selling workout-at-home DVD set - Double Edged Fat Loss
  • Physical Therapist and Training Advisor for almost every top-selling health and nutrition author on the internet.
  • Health Advisor for nearly every top health business on the internet.

Just 8 short years ago, Dr. Kareem suffered from immense pain all over his body, possibly relating to an autoimmune disease that was never diagnosed, but runs in his family. After being advised to quit Physical Therapy school from a trusted family friend and extremely qualified physician, he fought to recovery and discovered something along the way: by balancing his muscles the pain went away, and he began to lose fat rapidly.

Today, Dr. Kareem is recognized as one of the top ‘fat loss and pain relief experts’ in the entire world, while he continues to practice the same philosophy as before, except now a bit more refined. ‘Muscle Balancing’ has turned to ‘Body Sequencing’ and recognizes that his joint pain was simply a signal he was starting in the wrong place with his health.

Your body is designed to heal or decay -- from now on, decide on your own health momentum.

Dr. Kareem knows how to heal, how to get his message across, and how to inspire people to take action. Your road to better health is literally a few minutes per day away from your reality, but you absolutely need-to-know where to begin:

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