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My BIGGEST Health Discovery -- (30 second morning routine)

by Dr. Kareem F. Samhouri
The longer I've been in the healthcare industry, the more I realize that a
'balanced body' is the key to just about any health goal you might have.

Whether you want to lose weight, reduce bodyfat, build muscle, or increase athleticism, the faster you balance your body the quicker you'll see results.

The first step is to balance your 'Macronutrient Ratio,' which is just a fancy way of saying that you have to balance the amount of carbs:proteins:fats you consume.

Here's a simple rule that I like to follow, as a general theme to healthy eating and high energy output:

9 grams of carbs: 7 grams protein: 4 grams fat

Next, consider the 'Nutrient Density' in everything you eat. Not all calories were created equally, not even from the same macronutrient classification or category. Eating animal fats usually means more cholesterol, especially with red meat, but this isn't necessarily a problem like most people think...

Cholesterol is actually normal and great for your body -- it's something your body naturally produces, and it's required to sustain life. However, inflammation + high levels of cholesterol consumption with your diet results in a very dangerous situation.

'Triglycerides' are often the root cause of inflammation and bloating, as a result of most people's dietary standards. If you eat sugar, you're inflating. If you eat cookies, crackers, white bread, or estrogenic products like soy and non-organic fruits and vegetables, you're inflaming. Ultimately, this means that your body will have a harder time processing the carbs it consumes. Your body's relationship with a normal macronutrient changes, and it will affect you differently.

If you have a lot of inflammation in your body, fix this first, then adjust your diet for increased nutrient density. Get rid of any trans fats, most of the grains you consume, and any food category that you're particularly sensitive to. Alongside, take a careful look at your environment -- if you are in a stressed-out situation, take time each day to calm your mind through meditation, positive self-talk, and visualization of happier circumstances. I recommend at least 15-20 minutes, as this seems to be an accepted time by HeartMath.org, which is the leading organization for battling depression through natural means.

Once you address the inflammation in your body, you can hone in on eating the "right" foods, even if they have things like cholesterol in them that scares you to put in your mouth. Now its time for the grass-fed beef, free range organic and grass-fed chickens, and the eggs they produce (yolks included!)

Last, but certainly not least, it's important you balance your micronutrients and hydration. These are the 'invisible' aspects of your daily health rituals that need to exist. Hydration is pretty easy, unless you have some extreme reason for dehydration -- just drink half your bodyweight (pounds) in ounces of water each day.

Micronutrients, on the other hand, are an uphill battle. To derive all of the micronutrients your body needs simply from the food you consume is very difficult. For example, you'd have to eat a variety of about 25 different fruits and vegetables, but just small pieces of each one. This is how you'd get the proper mineral balance, sugar consumption, and antioxidant value you need for optimal health.

Not to mention, the health of your digestive tract determines how well your body will respond to any of the information above. Digestive enzymes that target ease with digestion and enzyme release specifically designed to break up acidic foods, or difficult to digest substances, can make a game-changing difference in the balance of your overall health.

Again, you can do a lot for your gut by consuming 'Probiotics' in the form of plain (non-sweetened) yogurt, and you can strengthen your digestive tract significantly. However, this is only part of the equation, and it would have to be daily habit.

For the fastest and most reliable (daily) solution to micronutrient, digestive enzyme, and electrolyte balance, I simplify my life with a smoothie each morning (actually, my wife makes it for me -- she's awesome!) - here's exactly what goes in this smoothie:

  • 2 heaping tablespoons Athletic Greens (essential ingredient)
  • Chia seeds (generous serving)
  • 1 scoop protein powder (if I'm not eating breakfast right away for some reason)
  • Frozen blueberries (about 10)
  • 8 to 10 ounces of water

Drink this smoothie and watch your body balance out. You'll be losing fat in no time, and you'll watch your health improve substantially.

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Meet Dr. Kareem Samhouri:

As it turns out, you can ‘heal’ your body through movement, and there is no one more poised to teach you how to ‘use’ movement to improve your health than Dr. Kareem Samhouri. At age 31, Dr. Kareem has gained world-wide popularity as the ‘go-to’ Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer for billionaires, professional athletes, world famous health authors, and their families.

Dr. Kareem has proven that he can replicate his skill-set, creating both practitioner and patient independence, and that his methods work both with and without a Physical Therapist present. Founding the world’s first fully integrated ‘Master-Level’ certification course, Dr. Kareem has been able to raise the bar for two of the most important fields in healthcare: Physical Therapy and Personal Training.

Dr. Kareem has rehabilitated and trained Olympic and professional athletes, baby boomers with joint pain who want to lose weight, older adults with balance issues, people in comas, others who have had a stroke, spinal cord injury, rare disease, heart issues, or lung disease, pregnant women, children, and even babies. He’s worked with the highest and lowest levels of health, and he’s been able to achieve shockingly beneficial outcomes in all categories. He taught his oldest patient, who was 112 years old, how to dance again, and helped his youngest, who was in the NICU and only 4 days old, adapt to this world 18 weeks too soon.

Dr. Kareem has been interviewed by news stations, featured as Philadelphia’s Fitness Expert on NBC, and been asked to audition for various television shows like The Biggest Loser. He’s also regularly requested as a guest expert by almost every leading expert in the online health and nutrition spaces. Recently, he was contacted by The Huffington Post to become one of their bloggers. Excluding television appearances, Dr. Kareem has personally reached a combined audience to-date of more than 12,000,000 readers.

Dr. Kareem has the following list of unusual and ultra-qualified credentials:

Doctor of Physical Therapy, University of Miami (#3 program, worldwide)
B.S. Kinesiology, Pennsylvania State University (#1 undergrad program in US)
Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), National Strength & Conditioning Association
Certified Health & Fitness Specialist (HFS), American College of Sports Medicine
  • Fluency in Spanish language
  • National-level Water Polo player, USA
  • Olympic/Pro Athlete Physical Therapist (Specialist)
  • Creator of discipline “Neuro Fitness,” now widely referred to in fitness industry (current # of ‘google results’ for this term is: 6,170,000 results)
  • Creator of multiple best-selling workout-at-home DVDs and digital health programs
  • Physical Therapist and Training Advisor for almost every top-selling health and nutrition author on the internet.
  • Health Advisor for nearly every top health business on the internet.

Just 8 short years ago, Dr. Kareem suffered from immense pain all over his body, possibly relating to an autoimmune disease that was never diagnosed, but runs in his family. After being advised to quit Physical Therapy school from a trusted family friend and extremely qualified physician, he fought to recovery and discovered something along the way: by balancing his muscles the pain went away, and he began to lose fat rapidly.

Today, Dr. Kareem is recognized as one of the top ‘fat loss and pain relief experts’ in the entire world, while he continues to practice the same philosophy as before, except now a bit more refined. ‘Muscle Balancing’ has turned to ‘Body Sequencing’ and recognizes that his joint pain was simply a signal he was starting in the wrong place with his health.

Your body is designed to heal or decay -- from now on, decide on your own health momentum.

Dr. Kareem knows how to heal, how to get his message across, and how to inspire people to take action. Your road to better health is literally a few minutes per day away from your reality, but you absolutely need-to-know where to begin:

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