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  • barbalicous

    awesome video; I am so ready to learn; I need this. thank you barbara

  • Jeannie

    I had my ‘hitting bottom’ moment three days ago and I KNOW posture has been an issue I’ve ignored, being way too fatalistic about having an exec admin job with a lot of sitting. I know that there are things that can be done, so this is a great GREAT reminder, fully loaded with validation. Thank you.

  • Tim DuBose

    I’m 59, have tried to maintain good shape but since 2009 I have had three consecutive shoulder repairs and this July a fusion on l3,l4,l5. I believe this is the program for me to try. This is going to be my physical therapy.

  • you’re welcome Alex and Victor 🙂

    It’s my pleasure — Merry Christmas!

  • Alex

    Dr. K
    You are a blessing.
    Thank you, for your honesty and integrity.

  • Victor

    Dr. K., your insight is a blessing. Thank you for these gifts. Merry Christmas.